Return Policy

Returns can be requested within 30 calendar days from shipping date. 

Request a Return within 30 consecutive days from the date the order is shipped. After the 30-day Return Period, the purchased item(s) will be covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty: which offers FREE Original Parts or Item Replacement for items delivered with damages to ensure item is in new and undamaged condition. 

The FedEx Return Shipping labels are provided within 1 business day after we receive the return request. If you are unsure that your order is within the Return Policy, request a return here – Include Order Number, Item Name and Reason for Return.

The item must be shipped out within 10 days after the Return Labels are sent to the email address on the order.

If your item was delivered damaged, submit a Warranty Claim here.

Items must be returned in the same conditions received – No returns for damaged items or items missing parts.

Products must be returned undamaged, unassembled, in their original boxes and with the original internal packaging and all printed materials, instructions and hardware.

Damaged items cannot be returned and return requests for damaged items will be denied.

If an item is delivered to you damaged or missing parts, contact us immediately within the Return Period, so we can submit a Manufacturer’s Warranty Claim for Free original replacement parts to be shipped to you. If the damage is considerable – 50% or more of the item is damaged – the complete item may be replaced at no cost.

Provide the following information:

Order number,

Pictures of Shipping box (damage only),

Pictures of Damaged/Defective parts (damage only),

Confirm Part Numbers that need replacing (use manual).

For returned items received with unreported damages or defects, or with damages caused by non-shipping damage: item clearly used, assembly damage, or poor packing of return, an additional Restocking Fee may be deducted from the refund – 15%-50% of the purchase price of the item depending on the situation – in addition to the regular Return Fees.

Assembly Damage is not covered by ridptapparel Return Policy or Manufacturer’s Warranty – Replacement parts can be requested/purchased.

If parts are damaged due to incorrect assembly, misuse, or neglectful or careless handling or improper moving/handling of the furniture items or parts, the Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover replacement parts or items. Replacement parts can be purchased from the Manufacturer directly or through us. Shipping costs may apply. Please contact ridptapparel Customer Care at [email protected] or contact the Manufacturer directly at contact information on Assembly Manual or product documentation.

If you have concerns about the item purchased or its parts, if you have questions or issues with  the assembly of the product, or if you need assistance, please contact the Manufacturer directly (see Assembly manual) or contact ridptapparel Customer Care here:

Return Fees are deducted from all returned items and refused deliveries.

All approved returns will have the following fees deducted from the Net Total amount of the order – this includes Refused packages:

Return Shipping Cost – The shipping amount quoted by FedEx at the time of ridptapparel’s Logistics Department creating the Return Shipping Labels.

Restocking Fee of 10% – The 10% is calculated of the Net Amount of the item (after coupon codes are applied).

The Return Fees amount will be provided when the Return Labels are emailed to you. If for any reason the Return Fees have not been given, please contact us to request them.

If the wrong item is shipped or if an error is made by ridptapparel Team or Warehouse Team, we will arrange for the return of the item and the shipment

To Request a Return – Include Order Number, Item Name and Reason for Return.

AfterPay Returns – Return Fees will be deducted from paid installments.

When an item paid for with AfterPay is refunded, any future installments are cancelled. AfterPay deducts the Return Fees from the installments already paid to the Credit/Debit Card on file and refunds the difference.

However, if the Return Fees are higher than the installment amounts paid to AfterPay, the difference will be owed to AfterPay.

Please click here to read AfterPay Refund/Returns Article. Click here to contact AfterPay with questions about your orders and account.

Refunds can only be sent to the Payment Method used on the Order.

When the return of an item is processed by our Warehouses, the refund is processed back to the Payment Method on File: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay or AfterPay.

If an order’s Payment Method is not available or cannot receive the funds, a Gift Card can be issued to the email address on the order by request.

If the refund has been issued to a closed Debit/Credit Card, please contact your bank for information on how to recover the funds. Email us at [email protected] with your Order Number for further assistance.

ridptapparel may refund orders or partial credits to a Gift Cards on a case-by-case basis, including exceptions made for orders with issues that are over the 30-day Return Period.

ridptapparel Customer Care

Phone: +1 304-433-5024 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.):

How do I cancel my order?

An order can be cancelled at any time Free of charge BEFORE the order is processed and shipped by our Warehouse. Please contact ridptapparel Customer Care immediately with the Cancellation Request at [email protected] with your Order Number, and reason for cancellation.

If an order cannot be cancelled, a tracking number will be provided to you. You can refuse the delivery or request a return. The order will be refunded as per our Return Policy, and the Return Fees will be deducted from the Net Total of the order.

My shipping address is wrong or incomplete – How can I fix it?

Email ridptapparel Customer Care immediately at [email protected] with your Order Number and the full correct Address.

If the tracking numbers have already been posted to the order: First, email ridptapparel Customer Care at [email protected]. Second, call FedEx directly at 1-800-463-3339 Dial “2” and give the first tracking number. After hearing the tracking information dial “0” or say “Agent”. When speaking with an agent, tell them you are the recipient and provide all the tracking numbers on your order and the complete shipping address.

If the package(s) are within 1 day of delivery, address corrections may not be processed on time. Please monitor the shipment and contact the recipient at the address provided to receive the package. We ship packages to the Shipping Address given on the order and cannot be responsible for items delivered to incorrect addresses. We recommend signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager to control the delivery of your FedEx Packages.

FedEx says they delivered my order, but I’m missing a package or item. What can I do?

Please email us immediately at [email protected] with your order number, the answers to these questions:

What is the item and/or tracking number(s) of the missing package(s)?

Please confirm your delivery address.

Have you contacted FedEx regarding the Delivery Issue? If yes, what is the case/claim number? If no, no worries! We’ll take care of this part.

Was any adult inside the residence at the shipping address the delivery time given by FedEx?

If an Apartment: Have you checked the premises of your building (front and back), checked the Mail Room/Area, and contacted the building staff / leasing office / building management to see if they received the package for you?

If a House: Have you checked around the premises of the residence, back doors, garage, gardens, or other areas to look for the box(es)?

Have you safely reached out to your neighbors to see if they received your order by mistake? Has anyone reached out to you via phone or in person?

After we receive the information, we will open an investigation or confirm the existing case with FedEx locate and re-deliver the package. The process usually lasts 2-3 days.

If the package(s) are not located, we will open a claim with FedEx and re-ship the item with Signature Service Required for Delivery. 

All future orders will need to be purchased with Signature Delivery, as there is a delivery issue on file in the area. Otherwise, ridptapparel will not be able to replace or refund the item, unless FedEx takes responsibility for the loss.

How do I return an item?

Damaged items cannot be returned. If your purchase arrived damaged, please include pictures of the Shipping Box(es) and Damaged Parts and original replacement parts will be shipped to you from the Manufacturer. If more than 50% of the item has been damaged, ridptapparel may replace the entire item instead.

Please read ridptapparel’s Return Policy. If you are within the 30-day Return Period (30 calendar days starting the day the item shipped) and the item is not damaged, please email ridptapparel Customer Care at [email protected] to request a return: include Order Number and return reason. 

Disassemble and/or pack the undamaged items back into the original box and packaging: All parts, hardware, tools, printed materials, cables, and accessories must be included in the return.

Tape shut the box(es) securely with heavy duty tape, preferably using strong clear packing tape.

Remove or black out all original shipping labels and stickers.

Print and put on box the Return shipping labels. Each box needs a unique shipping label. Do not print the same label to put in multiple boxes.

Take the boxes to the FedEx or shipping company’s authorized drop-off locations or their authorized locations based on the Return Labels received.

Returned boxes are inspected within 2-3 days, and ridptapparel Customer Care is notified of the return so the refund can be issued. Any issues with the returned item will be reported at this time.

How long does a Refund take?

When a ridptapparel Order is refunded in full or partially, the funds can take between 2-10 business days to be credited back to your payment method’s bank account. The posting timeframe varies between banks and ridptapparel has no control over this process. Please contact your Payment Method’s bank for information or to check if they have received the funds.

I need to return my item. Can I stop my next AfterPay payment?

AfterPay will cancel future installments when the Retailer refunds the order in full, or when a partial refund cover the amount still left to pay. Please contact AfterPay directly to find out if they can pause a payment during the return process. Include confirmation of the return by showing the return labels ridptapparel has provided.

Please Click here to read AfterPay Refund/Returns Article. Click here to contact AfterPay with payment or account questions.

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

Do not throw away any boxes, internal packaging, and parts of item(s) until replacement parts are received and the item is assembled. Returns are not accepted without original shipping boxes.

If your item or one of the boxes arrived damaged, please email us immediately at [email protected] and include the following information:

Order Number

Item damaged (specify which Box if item ships in 2+ boxes)

Pictures of the shipping box from both sides – clearly show printed information

Pictures of the Damaged Item Parts

Confirmation of the Part Numbers needed to be replaced. (Assembly Manual)

Original replacement parts will be shipped directly from the Manufacturer. If more than 50% of the item has been damaged, ridptapparel may replace the entire item instead. No returns are required for damaged items.

In case of Missing Parts, original replacement parts will be shipped to you directly from the Manufacturer. Please provide Part Number(s) of missing parts so ridptapparel Customer Care Team can order the correct replacements. Request PDF file of the Assembly Manual if needed.

Damage to the shipping box only is not considered a damaged item. Shipping boxes and internal packaging are meant to protect the item parts inside. Damaged or Defective item parts will be replaced.